Fanjet Design

Design features

Fanjet 600 was originally conceived, designed and developed to meet the demands of military pilot training. The primary requirements were to create an entry level aircraft with low fuel consumption, low noise and low fuel emission with the handling qualities of a jet. Fanjet brings these requirements to reality by the use of its fuselage embedded high bypass fan propulsion system powered by a turbo shaft power plant.

Design result:

  • Eliminating the propeller from the front of the fuselage makes the airflow over and around it comparable to that of a jet aircraft
  • There is no propeller torque effect or 1P forces
  • The single thrust setting lever helps the feel of engine control to be like that of a jet aircraft
  • No expensive flight computers are required to simulate jet handling qualities
  • Whilst other entry level trainers simulate these effects, in Fanjet these are built in.

These features facilitate the Fanjet pilot experience jet flight and handling in a low cost aircraft.

Jet characteristics – other simulate, we have it!