Airframe 50 hours inspection (selected items)

The simple and robust design of the Bravo 202 provides high availability and easy of maintenance. The ability for continued operation, maintenance and repair under field conditions is an integral part of the design philosophy. Low maintenance man hours per flight hour provide low operating cost accordingly. The basic structure is of simple riveted sheet metal with the minimum of double curvatures. Two large easily removable/installable engine cowlings provide all-round access throughout the engine compartment. Airframe and maintenance repair can be performed using standard mechanics tools. The Bravo 202 requires only minimum ground support equipment (GSE) and does not use any special to type tools.


The Bravo 202 design permits high availability and utilisation rates up to 800 flight hours per year, that have already been achieved several times.

Recommended Maintenance Programme:

  • 50 hours inspection (on condition for selected items)
  • 100 hours inspection (on condition for selected items)