This small Swiss trainer aircraft has a side-by-side seating. About 170 aircraft were built, including a version with Rolls-Royce / Allison turbine. Around 70 were delivered to Civilian customers, mostly to aviation clubs / flight schools in Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco, United Kingdom and the United States. Other were delivered to the Air Forces of Indonesia, Iraq, Oman and Uganda. There are a number of different versions of the basic AS-202; depending on engine horse power and customer chosen avionic packages.

The Bravo 202 is an all metal aircraft and has been designed to be fully aerobatic without Any inverted fight restrictions. It has proven itself as easy to handle, forgiving trainer aircraft. Today it comes equipped with the latest digital instruments (glass cockpit) and uses a 3-blade MT propeller.

"Fanjet Aviation exclusively offers this unique aircraft new or used as a broker for Gomolzig Flugzeug und Maschinenbau GmbH, Schwelm/Wuppertal. Gomolzig produces new aircraft and holds the Bravo 202 type certificate."