Cockpit Layout (Analogue)

To provide an effective and safe training environment, the Bravo 202 cockpit design is straight forward and functional. The side-by-side design is a significant advantage over a tandem design in basic training. The student is sitting straight in front of the Primary Flight Display (PFD). The instructor pilot can easily read the PFD Information and the Secondary Flight display (SFD), which can be  placed in the direction of the instructor pilot. In case the aircraft has a dual instrument panel like in the picture below, instructor pilots supervision is even made much easier. He has all relevant flight information to take control of the aircraft at any point in flight, if required.

Cockpit Layout (glass cockpit)

The Bravo 202 NG can be equipped with different types of digital instruments (glass cockpit), which the customer can choose as required. FanJet Aviation is currently in the process of evaluating different manufacturer, in order to select the most suitable PFD and SFD fitting for the side-by-side Bravo 202 and finding the most attractive price for our customers (Sample of glass cockpit below).